SAM Party DJ

SAM Party DJ

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"Create your remix and karaoke with this well designed DJ software"
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SAM Party DJ

SAM Party DJ is designed for the expert DJ or people who are serious about music. This music mixer software contains several features like dual decks, crossfading, karaoke, beat matching, gap killer, drag and drop management, media library support, album cover, instant song search and many more features that will enhance your ability to mix your music.

The user interface of SAM Party DJ is fully configurable, so it can fit to your needs or expectations. This smart software will allow you to view only the window that you need and it has three other areas where you can use the variety of its tools.

Its dual deck helps to position and queue the song while another song is playing. Also you can use its auto DJ to do some features for you. In here you can preview your project any time and the auxiliary players tool will be perfect for those loops that you want to add to your musical work.

Enjoy with the creation of karaoke with its karaoke features and turn your friends and family into stars.

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Version 4.2.1
License Demonstration
On Site Since 24/June/2010
Last Update 13/June/2013
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP