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"Standalone software sampler for live play"
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You might want to learn the art of sampling or incorporating a sampler in your band's live appearance. Any which way, here we present you a standalone software sampler called SampliTron.

SampliTron can be used for live play, as it isn't a plug-in and as such doesn't need a host application nor additional hardware or software, besides your computer or laptop. The only prerequisite is that the DirectX XAudio2 libraries are on your system, which is probably the case.

SampliTron can also be a great way for musicians and those aspiring to master the art of sampling, as it enables adding samples as well as sound effects to live performances and can be useful for learning the sampling basics to make sample-based music. Sampling has become an important cornerstone for modern electronic music making, and now you can make your own samples based on synthesizer sounds.

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Version 1.0
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