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Second Life
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"Enter a realistic 3D world and live an exciting second life"
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Second Life

Second Life lets you enter a realistic 3D virtual world, when we mean world we are really talking about a real world. Thousands of people have already joined it and you may surely be the next.

As soon as you enter Second Life, you will appear on Welcome Island. There you will be quickly taught about the basics of interaction such as walking, standing, sitting, chatting, zooming with the camera, teleporting and flying. Along your learning, you´ll be given some surprising rewards.

Once you have been in Welcome Island, the next step will be to discover an spectacular virtual continent full of opportunities, entertainment, people, experiences and pretty much everything exactly as if you were living a second life.

After exploring some, you will probably find the ideal land parcel to start building your business or house. You will be around the buildings of tons of residents (people like you) whom can trade, buy or even sell to other residents, as each one of them retain the corresponding rights to their virtual creations.

In Second Life you can explore, make money, go shopping, get settled, meet people, fall in love and all you can do in your real life.

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