SIW 2010

SIW 2010

2015 5.0.0108
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"A utility that shows you detailed information about your system"
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SIW 2010

Do you need to know if a program is compatible with your computer? Or do you want to know if you can upgrade your computer? If so, then we present to you a program capable of giving you detailed information about your system. SIW (System Information for Windows) will show you an overview of your computer, ranging from your operating system to even your network configuration.

SIW has a very modern and sleek interface, where you will find all of the information grouped into three different categories, 'Hardware', 'Software', and 'Network'. In each category there are many sections that will give you specific details about each components, such as information about the CPU, the motherboard, controllers, shared folders, IP address and much more.

SIW has got many features and functions: it can automatically create full reports of each section about your system that you are able to read later on. There are also various tools included that can test the speed of your internet connection, that can change your MAC address. Next to that there are tools that have the ability to monitor how much of your computers resources (RAM, CPU) are being utilized.

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Version 2015 5.0.0108
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