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"SketchUp Make – Full-featured 3D modeling application"
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Download SketchUp Make and enjoy a full-featured 3D modeling tool, create 3D objects and complete designs in no time. With SketchUp Make you will be able to easily create all kinds of three-dimensional models, including houses, buildings, automobiles, statues, entire cities and basically anything you can imagine. The possibilities are endless. Even more impressive, it only takes you a couple of hours to master this program.

What is SketchUp Make and what can you do with it?

SketchUp Make is a user-friendly 3D modeling software that perfectly balances usability and functionality. It comes with all the necessary tools to create anything you can think of. You just start by drawing lines and shapes, then push or pull surfaces to transform them into 3D forms. You can create as many 3D models as you want. After that, you can stretch, rotate, copy and of course, paint those models.

To give you an example, you can use SketchUp Make to rearrange your furniture. Start by drawing your floor plan and then pull up the walls to have a 3D model of your house, and even paint it if you want. Then you can model all your furniture: chairs, tables, beds, toilets, bookshelf, sofas, and so on. Move them as you please.

Also, if you are an architect or a civil engineer specialized in highway engineering and working on a big project planning and designing roads, bridges and tunnels, you can have your associates create a 3D model of the city and then you can just play around with the roads.

SketchUp Make not only comes with all the necessary tools for creating a 3D model but also for making it look nice. You can add color, textures and more to add realism to your models. Then, once your model is ready, you can use the camera manipulation feature to also view your model in 3D space. This means that if you created a city or you recreated your house, you can actually take a virtual tour. How awesome is that?

Find thousands of 3D models in SketchUp's 3D Warehouse

You don't even have to create a model from scratch. With SkechUp Make you will get instant access to SketchUp's 3D Warehouse where you will find thousands of 3D models ready to import and use. Here we are not talking about simple stuff like a window or a door, of which of course tons of models are also available, but we are talking about the real deal. To give you an idea, you will find The Basilica of Saint Anthony, the Biosphere in Montreal, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Florence Duomo,  Kyocera Dome Osaka, Olympic Stadium&Biodome in Montreal, O2 Millennium Dome, and more, all accurately modeled using SketchUp Make.

Furthermore, several furniture manufacturers also provide 3D models of their collections. As such, you will find models from Brizo, Formica, Bosch, NanaWall, Steelcase, and a lot more.

So, is SketchUp Make the right 3D modeling tool for me?

The answer is yes. SketchUp Make is a pretty complete 3D modeling software and, as its name says, it is free. It has already proven to be useful in several professional areas, including: architecture, construction, remodeling, engineering, interior design, urban planning, woodworking, game design, 3D printing, and more.

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