Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights

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"Escape from the aliens of the planet Cradle"
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Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights has funny characters with which you have to escape from the planet Cradle. That means fight against lot of enemies.

In this game you are going to find two options to play, solo or multiplayer, to pass the missions.

Spiral Knight has action all the time. Besides that you will fight against the aliens, you also will have to deal with some traps, turrets, and many dangerous places.

In this RPG, you have to find all the parts that you need to get the Order`s spacecraft to scape from that alien planet and this means that you are going to face the monsters from Clockworks, who are the enemies in this game.

Depending of the time of the day there can be different missions. In Spiral Knights, increasing your points and improving your weapons and defense is necessary. This you can do any time you pass a mission satisfactorily.

Enjoy it!

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License Freeware
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Author Three Rings Design
Last Update 9/February/2012
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7