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"Music player featuring a complete database of online radio stations"
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This is one of the best softwares that have been created in the last decade. In a time where Internet is being used to listen to music and legal authorities have forbidden downloading music without permission, this software has been the key for the problem. Listening to your favorite music legally was a claim, and Spotify has answered. In this application, you can search by song title, album or artist. It will most surely find it, its database is very complete. Music will be played on streaming.

There are also other useful options. Listen to a custom radio, adapted to an artist style or a music genre. With Spotify, you will easily find the music that you like. Create playlists and add songs just by dragging and dropping them. Free version has some restrictions: there is a limit of times to listen to the same song and about the amount of time listening to music in a month. As well, it includes advertising. Even that, Spotify will provide hours of music. Its interface is very simple. A very interesting tool is the Facebook connection. You will be able to share what you listen and your playlists with your Facebook friends. As well, you will have access to their playlists, what will make you discover songs of people that have things in common with you.

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