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SRS HD Audio Lab

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"Software capable of enhancing sound on your PC"
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SRS HD Audio Lab

If you are one of those people who love clear crystal sound, check this out.

SRS Audio Sandbox is an outstanding application capable of obtaining sound quality from where there`s none. This audio optimizing software will let you experience good quality on files that never sounded well.

It works by interacting with your media player, just like a virtual sound card. Thanks to the use of the SRS Labs audio enhancement technology, you will enjoy rich and deep bass even from the tiniest speakers.

SRS Audio Sandbox features a sleek interface with energized light Pulses. There, you can find several cool Presets for all your songs, games and videos. Not just that, but there are custom settings for two or more speakers, or else headphones and Compact Mini Mode setting to provide you with more desktop space.

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