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TaskBar Hider

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"Manual hotkey control for hiding or showing the taskbar"
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TaskBar Hider

The freeware screen utility offered as a download here is called TaskBar Hider. The Windows taskbar appears standard at the bottom of your screen, but you can also drag it to have it placed at the top or either side of the desktop space. You can even check the option to have it automatically hidden to gain additional space, or to hide information about open but minimised application windows from others.

So, why would you want TaskBar Hider? Well, this tiny utility will enable you to assign a hotkey to have the Windows taskbar hidden. When pressing the default or user-defined hotkey again, the taskbar will reappear. As such, this application will provide you with manual control over whether to have the taskbar displayed or hidden.

So, proceed to the free download if interested in this utility.

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Version 1.2
License Freeware
On Site Since 25/May/2015
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Last Update 4/June/2015
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7