Total HTML Converter

Total HTML Converter

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"Easily convert HTML pages to Excel, Doc, JPEG, PDF and Text"
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Total HTML Converter

Total HTML Converter is a pretty innovative software solution that enables you to convert any HTML file (web page) to multiple formats: PDF, TIFF, DOC, JPEG, XLS, RTF and TXT (both Unicode text files and text files). Not just that, but the program includes various options and facilities for your necessities.

You can use the batch conversion mode to convert several HTML archives or folders at once. At the time of converting HTML files to TIFF or PDF the program allows combining all files into a single document. For instance, HTML files can be converted to a single PDF file.

Total HTML Converter offers precise integration to the Windows Explorer, so that you can comfortably navigate between your folders and find HTML with ease. What´s more, the program also works from Microsoft Office allowing you to open and convert files from there.

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Version 1.5
License Demonstration
On Site Since 4/June/2010
Author Coolutils
Last Update 24/January/2013
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Compatible Windows Vista, Windows Millennium, Windows XP