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Total Uninstall

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"Application to totally uninstall programs in your PC"
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Total Uninstall

There are cases in which some programs get pretty annoying at the time of being uninstalled. Some of them may refuse to uninstall when they are asked to, for that reason an application like Total Uninstall can come very handy.

The application offers the possibility of uninstalling programs in an efficient way, in other words they will be completely removed from your computer. Its interface is very nice and shows expressive icons you can use to perform tasks intuitively.

Once Total Uninstall is launched, it starts monitoring all the programs installed in your system for obtaining information about all of them. As soon as it analyses everything, users will be able to uninstall those programs in the best possible way. It gets it done by detecting files, registry entries, directories, temporary files, etc.

What´s more, with Total Uninstall you will be completely informed about all changes that were made in your system during installation processes.

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