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"If you don´t know a song´s title, Tunatic will let you know everything about it"
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While driving to work, many of us have been in the situation of listening to a particular song on the radio and wishing to know who sings it or at least what the title is. But don´t worry, now there´s a way to find out.

Tunatic is a special application that possesses the ability of letting you know the artist´s name and the title of the song you suddenly started singing in your car.  In fact, the only things you need are a microphone and optimal internet connection.

If you have those two requirements we just mentioned, make a click on Tunatic´s Search button and let it listen to the song you wish to know about. The application will start identifying the song, then you´ll have to follow the white colour arrow in order to obtain the links for that song. That´s how you get matching results.

So, if you love a song and don´t even know its title, use Tunatic to find out.

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