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"A professional audio and video DJ mixing solution"
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Do you want to mix at parties and events? Well, you’ll need dedicated software to do so. As such, you should consider trying the product presented here, called VJ7, from ClubDJ Pro. It encompasses all the features and functionality nowadays considered basic by most professional and novice DJs, including sync, slice, loop, cue and video mixing.

VJ7 features support for timecode vinyl and CD control supporting scratching, smart BPM-based sync and beat-matching annex key-matching functionality, up to 8 MIDI controllers simultaneously, out-of-the box compatibility for over 80 MIDI devices, recording audio and video mixes, karaoke files, among others you can find out about proceeding to the demo download.

So, download this dedicated mixing solution and give it a try to evaluate if it suits your needs.

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