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"Vuze | Versatile and feature-rich torrent peer-to-peer (P2P) client"
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The download offered here is called Vuze. It’s the free version of this peer-to-peer (P2P) torrent client formerly known as Azureus. It will enable you to easily find and download shared multimedia and other files.

What are torrents and P2P, and how do they work?

For those unfamiliar with P2P and torrents, torrents are files containing metadata about distributed files and they encompass a list of trackers to facilitate downloading the files referred to by the torrents in question. Now, BitTorrent is the protocol used for peer-to-peer sharing and a torrent is a file used by that distribution system.

P2P file sharing refers to the sharing and distribution using an architecture resulting in the fact everyone connected shares resources, in contrast with a client-server model.

Search the torrents you are looking for from inside the Vuze application interface

Vuze is an advanced torrent client application you install on your computer and offers you meta search functionality right from within the application. As such, it eliminates the need to search the internet as well as dedicated torrent sites for the content you’re after. Furthermore, if you encountered something interesting you can easily get similar content as well. For example, you might be interested in a television series. Well, you could subscribe to it and when new episodes and related content become available, it will be displayed in the sidebar.

Moreover, Vuze also features an app for your mobile devices as well, at the time of writing Vuze Remote is available for the Android platform. When installed on your tablet or smartphone you will be able to search for and add new downloads from anywhere at any time.

Vuze is a feature-rich application that promises faster downloads

Besides the searching capabilities including the Vuze Remote possibility, this application also counts with a variety of other interesting features, such as faster downloads due to the BitTorrent protocol and distributed architecture. Furthermore, it will also enable you to watch movies in fullscreen high-definition (HD 1080p) quality thanks to its dedicated HD player with integrated cross codec. Smooth offline playback anywhere you go, for example in the case you take your laptop traveling by train or airplane. Moreover, it even features drag-and-drop functionality for playing back content on other devices, automatically detecting game consoles, iTunes and TiVo for which the video formats are known, hence conveniently transferred, streamed or converted.

With this application you’ll be able to download multiple torrents simultaneously, using drag-and-drop priority control, intelligent state-of-the-art tracker support, local peer sharing among others, all aimed at delivering you the fastest download experience. Note that this is of course limited by the bandwidth provided by your ISP.

So, to start using Vuze, hit the download button now and those among you interested in finding out more technical details or would like to know all about its features and functions, also proceed to the download and start exploring them.

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