World Geography Tutor

World Geography Tutor

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"Facilitate learning the states of the USA and nations of continents"
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World Geography Tutor

The educational video game presented here is called World Geography Tutor. It’s been proven that learning via games might be more productive than traditional methods. Now, when it comes to learning the nations belonging to the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia, World Geography Tutor might be just the educational game you’ve been searching for. It will furthermore facilitate learning the states of the USA as well.

Consider taking a look at the screenshots of its user-friendly and prove quick-learning graphical interface depicted on the preview images offered alongside this article and proceed to the download to evaluate if this video game meets up to your expectations and suits your requirements.

It’s a free downoad after all, so click the dedicated button to get it and install it right away.

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Version 1.9
License Demonstration
On Site Since 18/December/2014
Author AHA! Software Inc.
Last Update 27/February/2015
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7